Recovered Poetry

December 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Its been months since I opened my Myspace account.  Then I saw several poems I wrote posted there.  This one in particular written in 2005.  Its so “emo” makes me cringe but I hope you won’t. 

As I Collapse Myself

As I collapse on your bed
With your pillow I cover my head
In this tiny hole I peek through
The light is plain untrue
In mundane existence I weep
And swallowed by the deep
No where to run, no one to turn
Shot through my chest it burns
Rejecting my emotion
Then I question your devotion
Realizing the world is filled with burden
I know this feeling is not sudden
For all the pain I dealt
I need you for myself
Rising up appears like a massive load
If only I could be bold
Still the space is empty by my side
Your feelings I can’t abide
Reveal yourself to me
I can’t accept how could this be
Good times had come and gone
But my fears have just begun
In my veins pain is the blood that’s valid
For the hurt has become solid
Numb me from the rest of the world
Detach me from being human by a sword
Your warmth is all I need
And say sorry, I beg of you please
Sympathy is difficult for you to unveil
But my love still prevails
And so I rise from this mess
Counting the times I’ve been blessed
For you are my heart and my soul
Upon which my love grows
Now my love, I come to you
Alone, picking up the pieces I will do
Consciously aware of this dark cycle
Cause to you I am so little
With this I find
No peace of mind
Turning your back as you are
Still I’ll stay not that far
Hoping fate will guide us through
A better tomorrow for me and you
For all the struggles we’d faced
It’s a shame to let it all go to waste
Numbers and figures are all it is
But my love for you is eternal as bliss


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