Old Man’s Drama

January 24, 2012 § 26 Comments

I think it’s not worth it to post it here about what happened earlier at a coffee shop.  But I need to vent out just because this incident irritates me.

Four days ago I saw my friend who I haven’t seen for months, her name is Natalie and we used to be in the same company.  That instant she wanted to have coffee but I had another appointment so instead we planned our coffee date next Monday.

Monday came, we planned to meet at the mall’s coffee shop.  I arrived there first, I saw at a distance there was a vacant table so I asked the gaurd if it was vacant, and it was.  As I sat there, I thought if I’m gonna order now or later, so I decided I’m gonna wait for her so we can order together.

About ten or fifteen minutes had passed and still she wasn’t there, but it was just fine with me until…
A tall, old white guy (foreigner with an accent) with maybe his local girlfriend came to the picture.  He went to order as his girlfriend or who knows maybe it was his daughter was left there standing. I was texting Natalie, then suddenly he asked me if I’m a customer there, “Yes.” I said, “I’m just waiting for someone.”
” We gotta sit and I ordered something. ” he said showing me his number with a receipt. I said “Yes I’m gonna order, I’m just waiting.”  Then the girlfriend with an angry tone said “lets talk to the manager.” I just looked at then with a blank stare ( but I was waring my sunglasses so) then I saw them both talking to an employee, maybe it was the manager, I don’t even know. I looked the other way looking at the passers by and waiting for a text message. The old guy again, I saw him standing in front of me and I heard him say, “she’s writing something.”  That time I was texting Natalie about the situation. I realized that he was talking to his girlfriend ( letting me feel that I should leave, I guess ).  Blah blah blah whatever the big deal is, why they can’t find another table. Next to me a table sitting there was a girl reading a book, the drink was already finished, why don’t they bother her. Anyway, a waiter came and asked me if I’m gonna order.  I said ” Yes, if I wanted to order a while ago I could, but I wanted to wait for my friend, and get this table.” He just wiped the table and smiled after. In my head, I like going to this place, I am a frequent customer. I don’t have quarrels with anyone.

Natalie called, she was at a different branch of the coffee shop (opposite side of the mall) but with same name, I just laughed and asked her if its the coffee shop across Yellow Cab, she was like “oh gosh I’m a different place” she told me she was there for a while already waiting for me, and she even left her phone and someone gave it back to her (she had her own dilemma as well) .  Came time we ordered, the old guy was still there talking, I was like smiling, at that time I didn’t care about him.  After we ordered Natalie and I went on chatting, when he came out he gave me a look again, I’m like, too bad. Really, over a table they could have saved all the drama.  I just realized that earlier when the table was vacant, I even asked the employee if it was vacant before I sat down.  I mean, there was no one there sitting and I asked if it’s okay to have that table. Save me from being nice, please!

If it was the other way around, I wouldn’t even have the nerve to ask him if he was a customer. I would have looked for another table, if there’s none, I’ll find another table, maybe wait, or decide on another coffee shop.  Simple, no drama,  no mess.



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