One Lovely Blog Award

January 24, 2012 § 19 Comments

Thank you to Laura for this One Lovely Blog award! Visit her site cheesecakesummer ! I am humbled and it really means a lot.  Always brings a smile to my face if a fellow blogger passes an award to me.  To all of you, thank you so much!

Looks like there are no rules for this award, but Laura shared 7 things that makes her happy.  Since there are no rules, I’ll share 3 just because it’s my favorite number.

1.  Traveling – I love going to different places, sad thing is I haven’t for a while due to financial issues

2.  Spending time with family and love ones – always great to have the family complete and enjoy each other

3.  Clean room – I could be so lazy and my room left so chaotic but now its oh so tidy and sanitized

Next, is to pass this award to fellow bloggers but there are no rules on how many so I pass this award to 3.  Here goes!

1. Mike – a photographer with beautiful photos

2. Amra – a brilliant writer with amazing stories and poems

3.  Elyas – a dear fellow blogger with various write ups and alluring poems

Again, I am so thankful to everyone who takes time visiting my site and reading my entries.

Have a great one!

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