Weekend Trip

December 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s a great feeling to go out of town for a while. Where people don’t know you and your’e there trying to ask for directions.

It’s been months since I haven’t left the city. Every weekends same places to hangout and every weekdays same old thing to do (especially that I’m jobless). So it had me thinking, I need a breather. Road trips can be a pain in the ass (literally) and resorts can accommodate my entire pocket. The easiest maybe going to Iloilo City, where it can take almost an hour by ferry. About three days before that, I told my boyfriend if we can go that weekend, and he was a bit hesitant because he may be short on cash as well. Nonetheless, through persuasion we finally decided on a Friday night to leave the next day.

It’s been two years since I went there, so when we arrived I relied on my memory on where to stay and go, as for directions we would ask the locals. We stayed this place my family and I used to stay in, Family Pension House, back then it was called Tree House. It’s a really old house, it’s actually quite scary. I wouldn’t stay there alone. It’s cheap, no hot shower or breakfast included. But it’s okay since we just needed a place to mainly put our things in and to sleep in. The huge stairs was still there, I remembered as a kid my sister and I would play on the steps. It’s a little bit haunting. Then I saw the place where the restaurant used to be where my family and I used to eat, It was closed and looks so different than before.

Anyway off we went to the malls, just roaming around the city. It was a tiring day, since the night before we had some drinks and lack of sleep made us force to keep our energy up. Around night time it rained hard in the city. While we were in the old house resting, my boyfriend discovered there was a bar where the restaurant was before. So we decided to have some drinks there. While I was getting ready we heard the band playing, and we were like “there’s a band!”. So when we went there I was surprised its totally different and cozy place where the locals go to unwind. Large pillows were used to sit on, low tables and floors were matted with wide hand wooven mats. The lights were only red and there were carpets hanging low from the ceiling. It was a really cool place. I looked at the menu and found the place was called Lumpiga. Lumpiga means sit comfortably on the floor (which I found in their site). The acoustic bands are playing every night and we were surprised that they’re around for 8 years.

Around 1 am it was closing time and we went to Small Ville where the city’s night life is. We just went around and ate noodles at a convenient shop then went home. Next morning we were tired but it was time to go home. Still sleepy we needed to fix up and pack our things and go. We walked a distance to a local eatery called JD Bakeshop, where the food was affordable and delicious. We were so hungry from last night and the queue was so long. After brunch, a little trip to the mall to cool down, then it was off the port and waited for the ferry for us to go back home.
It was fun, memorable and unexpected.

I’m glad we were able to go and discover interesting places without spending a lot of money. After all us humans we are born to travel.

Brief Life in Singapore

November 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

For almost 3 months I lived in the Lion City.  The country is pretty vibrant and so many characteristics that is way different from my country.  I went there in search for a job but it didn’t work out so well.   All the disappointments aside, it was a humbling experience. Since I was unemployed and living in costly country, I had no right to spend money that I didn’t even have.  I got to experience limiting myself to the things I didn’t notice before like transportation fares, expensive cigarettes and the pricey alcoholic beverages. I could get a bottle of beer here for less than a dollar, and cheapest beer I bought there was at 5.30 SGD. Anyway, I enjoyed the inexpensive Chinese meals such as chicken rice and fish ball soup.I had one hell of a laugh with my friend in train rides as we would converse in our vernacular  and no one could understand. And damn, hurrying to go home in the middle of the night because train station closes before 12 mid night (taxi fares doesn’t come cheap).  These are some of the few moments I experienced living there.  All in all, a good one.

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